Qualified Individuals

The SCL Waiver is granted to qualifying Kentucky residents under Kentucky’s 1915(c) program. Like the Michelle P. Waiver, the SCL provides long-term support to qualified individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of the 1915(c) program is to provide the resources individuals need to be independent in their home and their community.

Services Provided By The SCL Waiver

The SCL provides positive behavior support, personal assistance, and residential support services.

Behavioral support teaches individuals skills to be successfully independent with minimal support. Aiding an individual with structure and routine is essential to success. Depending on the needs of the individual, behavioral support will allow them to develop habits such as writing down important dates and appointments, creating routines to remember daily tasks, practicing personal hygiene, or a daily cleaning routine.

Personal assistance and resident support services are available to clients for parts of the day. Support providers are available to provide care at home and in the community. In-residence support can assist with various daily tasks based on the client’s needs. Caregivers may help with personal hygiene and care including washing, hair care, personal grooming, or dressing. They may also help individuals with home management tasks such as laundry, cooking, or cleaning. Caregivers assist in scheduling appointments and provide support in community settings or social gatherings.

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A Provider for SCL Waiver Recipients

Comfortable Living provides care and services for SCL Waiver participants living in Central Kentucky. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to provide specialized care.

The Michelle P. Waiver may also be referred to as “SCL Light.” We are a provider for both services and we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding either service. Contact our office today,  859-785-1441.