Female nurse talking to elderly patient.Independence and Support

Residential Housing offers waiver clients the ability to live as independently as possible while having support staff available when necessary. Comfortable Living staffs and operates houses for ABI, ABI LTC, and SCL waiver clients. We have four homes in Central Kentucky that can accommodate up to three individuals with various needs and support. We staff our homes 24 hours a day. Our staff provides constant support, with waking staff working through the night. The staffing in each home may vary as we staff based on the needs of the individual residents.

Before moving in, a care plan is designed with the client and their team. The team includes their case manager, guardian, and their service providers. A care plan will indicate the support needed, the amount of supervision necessary, and what additional services need to be provided for success. We define success as providing the client with the ability to live as independently as possible. Maintaining the individual’s health, safety, and welfare is the top priority when designing a plan.

What Residential Housing Provides

Each resident is offered a private room with a lock. Some bedrooms have individual bathrooms, but in other homes, bathrooms are shared. Each home is equipped with a shared kitchen, eating area, and living spaces. Comfortable Living pairs housemates based on their needs and personality. For this reason, co-ed living is necessary in some circumstances.

Nurse bending down and hugging an elderly patient, sitting on a couch in residential housing.

Living In the Home

Our staff is present to allow for as much independence as possible and provide support when necessary. When a client needs support, the staff is available to assist with all daily living activities, including hygiene, meal preparation, household management, and community support.

During the day, residents can attend day training programs or enjoy activities at home. We encourage our residents to access the community at their discretion. We plan outings with staff support.

While living in our residential housing, clients may welcome friends and family members into the home. These visits can be planned or unannounced. With any visit, the safety of the individual and housemates is the top priority.

For more information on our Residential Housing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, 859-785-1441.