Nurse serving dinner to a patient in a kitchen.

Qualified Individuals

The Michelle P. Waiver is granted to qualifying Kentucky residents under Kentucky’s 1915(c) program. Qualified individuals live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of the MPW is to provide services to eligible individuals that will assist them in living as independently as possible within their community.

Services Provided By The Michelle P. Waiver

Through Comfortable Living, the MPW provides behavioral support services, personal care support, day programs, and Respite.

Behavioral support teaches individuals skills to help them live as independently as possible. Aiding an individual with structure and routine is essential to success. Depending on the needs of the individual, behavioral support will allow them to develop habits such as writing down important dates and appointments, creating routines to remember daily tasks, practicing personal hygiene, or a daily cleaning routine.

Personal care support aids individuals who are not capable of maintaining their hygiene. Individuals who struggle with personal hygiene tasks, getting dressed independently or maintaining a groomed appearance benefit from personal care support.

Environmental and home adaptations are made based on the needs of each individual and vary from case to case. Day Programs or Day Training provide individuals with a daily learning environment at a daytime location. At a Day Program, individuals practice using everyday life skills to improve their abilities. They also experience the opportunity to interact and socialize with others in a setting that provides support staff when needed. Respite programs are available to assist natural caregivers for Michelle P. Waiver participants. Being a caregiver is a full-time job, and caregivers may have questions or need support. Respite provides caregivers with educational resources, emotional and mental support, as well as financial support. Respite includes access to day programs and relief during personal emergencies, providing funding for caregivers to come into the home.

Female doctor helping elderly patient bend his knee during physical therapy session.

A Provider for Michelle P. Waiver Recipients

Comfortable Living provides care and services for Michelle P. Waiver participants living in Central Kentucky. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to provide specialized care to MPW individuals. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Contact us today at  859-785-1441.