About Comfortable Living

Comfortable Living aims to provide support for all individuals allowing them to lead fulfilling lives in the community meaningful activities. Comfortable Living is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and wellbeing of individuals by empowering and supporting individuals to make informed decisions about their service.

Why Comfortable Living?

Comfortable Living aims to ensure that individuals feel respected, recognized in their value, and experience joy in their life by encouraging their voice.

Comfortable Living aims to promote a life of fulfillment for individuals served, where they are able to enjoy living and working in their community. Comfortable Living is dedicated to continuous improvement focused on best practices and evidence-based procedures while ensuring continued compliance with all regulations. Through creativity, innovation, professionalism, and individualized teamwork, Comfortable Living aims to achieve and exceed this mission.

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Our Values


Comfortable Living holds that all persons should have the supports needed execute their human rights.


Comfortable Living holds that all persons should be given knowledge about their choices and the supports to make decisions based on this knowledge.


Comfortable Living holds that all persons deserve relationships with people of their choosing and the supports to make and maintain these relationships.


Comfortable Living believes that all persons deserve to be treated with respect and dignity for their unique abilities, in an environment that allows persons to discover and foster self-worth through new challenges, recognition, and positive reinforcement.


Comfortable Living holds that all persons should have the opportunity to participate in the life of their choosing regarding work, social interaction, personal development, and privacy; bringing their strengths and insights to the decision-making processes that impact their wellbeing through team meetings and communication.


Comfortable Living holds that persons deserve to have positive interactions with those who support them and deserve to be free from use of physical restraints, seclusion, chemical restraints, or aversive techniques and will prompt positive interactions with all individuals with effective training and relationship building.

What is a Community / Behavioral Health Agency?

A private or public agency usually under local government jurisdiction, responsible for assuring the delivery of community based mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse and/or behavioral health services to individuals with those disabilities. Services may range from companion care, respite, transportation, community integration, crisis intervention and stabilization, supported employment, day support, prevocational services, residential support, therapeutic and supportive consultation, environmental modifications, intensive in-home therapy and day treatment, in addition to traditional mental health and behavioral treatment.