Female nurse and male doctor helping to teach a woman walk again.The ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Waiver provides intensive rehabilitation services to adults who experience an acquired brain injury. The rehabilitation services assist individuals in regaining independence as they re-enter their community following their injury.

The ABI LTC (Long Term Care) Waiver provides services to individuals who have participated in rehabilitation services and need continued support to remain as independent as possible.

Qualified Individuals

The ABI Waiver is granted to qualifying Kentucky residents under Kentucky’s 1915(c) program. The services provided by the waiver are intended to help clients live as independently as possible.

Services Provided By The ABI Waiver

Participants of the ABI Waiver qualify for Adult Day Training programs. These programs build essential skills for living independently and strengthen the client’s social network and social skills.

Individual and group counseling offers clients an outlet to discuss thoughts, experiences and struggles in a professional and safe setting.

Personal care support aids individuals who are not capable of maintaining their own personal hygiene. Individuals who struggle with personal hygiene tasks, getting dressed independently or maintaining a groomed appearance benefit from personal care support.

Environmental and home adaptations are made based on the needs of each individual and vary from case to case. Day Programs or Day Training provide individuals with a daily learning environment at a daytime location. At a Day Program, individuals practice using everyday life skills to improve their abilities. They also experience the opportunity to interact and socialize with others in a setting that provides support staff when needed.

Respite programs are available to assist individuals caring for ABI Waiver participants. Being a caregiver is a full-time job, and caregivers may have questions or need support. Respite provides caregivers with educational resources, emotional and mental support, as well as financial support. Respite includes access to day programs and relief during personal emergencies, providing funding for caregivers to come into the home.

Services Provided by The ABI LTC Waiver

Like the ABI Waiver, the ABI LTC also provides adult day training, individual and group counseling, environmental and home adaptations, and Respite Services.

​​Supervised Residential Care provides clients with a safe environment where they can be as independent as possible with support when needed. Comfortable Living offers supervised residential care with four residential houses.

Community Living Supports accompany clients during outings in their community. Their role is to supervise, guide, and support clients with their daily activities. They may offer reminders or assist clients when necessary.

Nursing Supports are available to clients who don’t progress to a stage of independence. If a skilled nursing facility is required, nursing facilities and care are provided through the ABI LTC waiver.

Hand holding blue ball while a physical therapist assists

A Provider for ABI Waiver and ABL LTC Recipients

Comfortable Living provides care and services for ABI LTC and ABI Waiver participants living in Central Kentucky. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to provide specialized care to ABI individuals. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Contact us today, 859-785-1441.